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We Are a Proudly Canadian Company Producing Some of the Best Cannabis Concentrates in the World.

Canada’s Purest Cannabis Concentrates.

Diamond Concentrates Offers a Truly Unbeatable Experience.

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Refining Perfection

Diamond does not refer to a single product, it is a reference of quality, purity, and everlasting relationship, that turn moments into experiences same goes with our brand. We are a proud Canadian cannabis producer, with award-winning innovative products.

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We can help you create strong branding through innovate packaging design. Diamond Concentrates can position you to become a recognizable face in the ever-growing cannabis landscape.


Proudly display your commitment to compliance and minimize the risk or impact of regulatory reviews by government agencies. Diamond Concentrates can help effectively audit the compliance program in your country and advise you on standard compliance efforts and offer assurances. Let us ensure that your facility is operating under state and federal regulatory requirements and standards.

Royalty Program

When you join our Royalty Program, you get access to a fantastic business expansion opportunity alongside Diamond Concentrates. We provide a full range of programs and services to help grow your business through the support of the prgram. Offering ongoing training opportunities as new developments are discovered with the cannabis concentrate industry. When problems arise, you will be given technical assistance and matched with qualified staff if needed.

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