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Diamond does not refer to a single product, it is a reference of quality, purity, and everlasting relationship, that turn moments into experiences same goes with our brand. We are a proud Canadian cannabis producer, with award-winning innovative products, expanding our reach globally with our partners, be a part of our growth.

Servicing Canadian patients since 2011, with only the finest concentrates. With an extensive Canadian marketplace, Diamond Concentrates can help you become a recognizable face in the ever-growing cannabis landscape.

It’s no secret that the U.S. is by far the biggest cannabis market in the world. For Canadian cannabis companies to achieve the growth that they and investors want, they must enter the U.S. market sooner or later.
With growing interest in using cannabis and cannabinoids to treat conditions ranging from cancer pain to depression to sleep and neurological disorders. As a result, most EU countries allow, or plan to allow, the use of cannabis.
As part of its plan to expand internationally, Diamond Concentrates plans to form a strategic partnership with a Jamaican cannabis corporation, with a cultivation license and existing operations in Jamaica.
Since the legalization of medical marijuana in Puerto Rico. The government and industry proponents project that the cannabis program could generate $100 million in new tax revenue by 2020 and create 20,000 jobs.