Our Services

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Lab Consultation

Diamond has the staff, experience, and validated methods necessary to optimize your cannabis laboratory. We provide documentation and consultation to improve your current facility.

Business Development

Business development in the cannabis industry reflects the specialized needs of this business. Diamond can help with cannabis extraction plans, routine inspections and certifications.

Standard Operating Procedures

Diamond has implemented many control guidelines for quality assurance, including: Management, Operations, Training & Safety, Equipment, Testing and Compliance.

Brand/Package Design

We can help create a stunning package design for your products that will make your product stand out amongst the fierce competition and on dispensary shelves. With over 9 years of experience in branding and package design, we can add tremendous value to your marketing efforts. A great package makes your products leap out at customers and fall off the shelf into customers’ hands. Our designers will create something that both you and your customers will love.

Diamond Concentrates has been at the forefront of the Canadian cannabis industry for almost a decade and is known nationwide for its award-winning products, bold package design, and striking imagery on each and every label. Having our experience within the industry as well as the skills that we have gained since by your side will make it a win-win for both you and your customers.


When you produce high-quality cannabis concentrates on a commercial scale, there are many forms of compliance that your company and its employees must uphold. You will have to comply with relevant local and federal legislation surrounding cannabis, as well as any internal or external standards.

Not committing to compliance can bring about damage to both your company and it’s customers. No matter what industry your organization is in, compliance is an essential part of any operation. We offer a compliance management program in which we control, lead, organize, and plan activities that ensure compliance with local laws and standards.

Royalty Program

Diamond Concentrates’ main goal is to expand globally, we are always looking for new countries to bring the brand to. We are looking to sell our processes, proprietary knowledge, and trademarks to allow the party to sell our products under our name in your country. In the highly competitive cannabis industry, those who wish to operate one step ahead of the competition chose us. Because you will not need to spend any more time getting your name or products into the hands of customers.